LASALLE College of the Arts’ Year in Review 18/19

[Completed at Practice Theory]

As one of Asia’s leading contemporary arts and design institutions, the college boasts 8 faculties that offer more than 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in contemporary arts and design education. The LASALLE College of the Arts’ Year in Review 18/19 is an annual summation that celebrates the college’s highlights, achievements and headline events of the year.

The design of the site builds upon the idea of convergence—the navigation and content hierarchy is emphasised, with its animation suggesting a gathering of various programmes, nationalities, viewpoints and practices in one institution. The distinct architecture of LASALLE’s campus, and the institution’s colour scheme is similarly reflected, and ‘comes together’ through the pixels and code of its digital home.

The team also designed a printed compendium to the digital YIR centred around the same visual language.

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